stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

changmin for the ice bucket challenge
(also, find out more about ALS here if you haven’t yet)



MY TVXQ's OTP: "[...] I'm like fire, Changmin's like water." HoMin


CM:quarrel before~but when at stage, sing, dance, sweat together, and realize YH hyung is my support.

YH: I am like fire, CM like water..

YH: CM to me is really great power. Because CM is here, I can beat everything. When feel lonely at stage, CM is beside me.

Via:最强天团 /kiyomin218


Shim Changmin’s guide to: How to get senpai to notice you 


Changmin's ice bucket challenge


I'm lost without you.

Shawols need chill, the dude is not father of kpop I dont even know who the fuck is him anyway.

But most important: the rest youtubers »»»»»  his opinion 


Another friendly reminder that Changmin never asked for this life